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Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Selling your home can be a very exciting proposition or a daunting one depending on the advice you receive. By working with Sarbjeet, Sarbjeet can ensure the experience is a pleasant and memorable one. Sarbjeet encourages you to take advantage of the tips and advice within these home selling guides to help you understand the entire process..

Educate yourself

Continue preparing yourself by reading up on what to expect when selling your house.
We also recommend consulting with friends and family who’ve sold homes and seeing what advice they can pass on. And naturally, your real estate agent will be a veritable fountain of real estate facts and know-how. A little bit of preparedness will help avoid unpleasant surprises down the road, make the most of your relationship with your agent, and contribute to a smoother, worry-free sale.

Get organized

Now that you’re armed with some knowledge, it’s time to do a bit of planning.
Start a new file folder or binder where you can collect and store all the important research, paperwork, contacts, and dates and yes, even checklists like this! This way, all the information you need (and the info required by other parties you’ll be working with), is always available at an arm’s reach.
This is a good time to gather documents you will need later: everything from the property deed to household warranties and copies of utility and property tax receipts. You should also be prepared to clear your calendar as much as possible in anticipation of the various meetings and preparative work that will soon put the squeeze on your available hours.

Budget for selling expenses

It’s best to prepare yourself early on for the costs involved in selling real estate. You’ll want to set aside funds for repairing household problems that hurt value, freshening and neutralizing, staging your home, and fees for the various professionals you’ll require to get you through the process.
Some fees may be paid at the time of closing, and can be taken from the proceeds of the sale. Check with your real estate agent for budget recommendations and an estimate of exactly how much you can expect to pay and when you’ll need to pay it.

Hiring a real estate lawyer

A real estate lawyer will ensure your interests are protected in all legal agreements that require your signature (such as the buyer’s offer to purchase).

Prepare for the buyer’s inspection

Many prospective buyers will insist upon a home inspection conducted by a professional home inspector prior to making any firm commitment to purchase your home. The home inspection goes well beyond window-dressing, as your home’s important structural, functional and safety features will be under the magnifying glass.
If you are aware of issues in your house that need repair, you’d be well advised to fix them in advance of the buyer’s inspection. Anything you don’t fix will have to be disclosed to the buyer by law.
It may even be wise to commission your own house inspection in advance, so that you will be prepared for any unpleasant surprises. This will also give you a chance to remedy issues that could jeopardize a sale or force you to lower the price.

Prepare for closing day and afterward

Once the lawyers have determined that all obligations on the part of both buyer and seller have been fulfilled, the deal can close. You’ll be presented with a cheque for the proceeds of the sale, and the buyer will get the keys.

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