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Buyers Guide

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a home is biggest financial and emotional decision we make as home owners. As a professional real estate agent and a home owner Sarbjeet can help you through every step of the process, explain the current market, help navigate complex paperwork and offer invaluable advice. When you’re ready to make a move don’t forget Sarbjeet is only one call away.

Determine what you can afford

Once you’ve chosen the location and type of home that fits your needs, meet with a financial representative to determine a mortgage amount that you can comfortably afford. This ensures that you spend your time wisely on homes within your price range. You should also consider getting a pre-approved mortgage, which will allow you to shop with added confidence.

Looking at Properties

It’s important to exercise care when you purchase a property. Remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure the property’s condition and suitability meets your needs.

Hiring a Realtor

It’s a good idea to interview several brokerages before you hire one. This way, you ensure open communication and a good working relationship from the start.

About Your Mortgage

A lender might give you a pre-approval letter confirming mortgage amount and financial terms. It’s important to remember that pre-approval letters or pre-qualifications are not absolute loan commitments. Lenders still need to see the property value, verify financial information and re-check your credit before agreeing to make a loan.
Mortgage pre-qualification or pre-approvals not only prove to sellers you’re a serious buyer, they also allow you to focus property searches based on what you know you can afford.

Looking For Ways to Invest?

Property ownership is an excellent investment, whether you are looking for your dream home, a rental property, land or property, or to expand your investment portfolio. Owning real estate is one of the least risky ways to build equity or to obtain a greater return on your initial investment.

Closing Costs

Closing costs are the legal and administrative fees and disbursements associated with buying your home. Understanding each one will help you budget more accurately and lead to a more comfortable home-buying experience.


As a buyer, you can request a professional property inspection. This inspection ensures the property you’re interested in is free of major defects. Inspection requests should be included as a condition in your purchase contract. If instructed, the industry member can make your offer to purchase conditional on satisfactory inspection reports.